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Product Catalogue 


Breather vent / Breather Cap

breather plug
  • breather plug
  • breather vent
  • breather drain cap
  • air drain plug
  • air vent plug
Model No.︰any size
Brand Name︰Grand
Country of Origin︰-
Unit Price︰US $ 0.5 / pc
Minimum Order︰2000 pc
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Product Description
Web: www.grandmfgcn.com     Email:   Tonyliu2007@126.com
Air Vent Plugs, Breather Vent  Plugs, Breather Plugs, vent plugs, Air released plugs
Material: Brass and steel
Finish:     Natural and Nickel Plated
Thread Type:  BSP,Metric,NPT
Size:   3/8 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch   Any Size OEM are welcome.
Work Pressure:  0.005 MPa to M 0.03 MPa
Temperature Range:  -30 Cent degrees to 130 Cent degrees.
Usage:  Pump Gearboxes, Speed Reducer, Compressor and Power Transmission.
Product Image

breather plug
breather plug

breather vent
breather vent

breather drain cap
breather drain cap

air drain plug
air drain plug

air vent plug
air vent plug

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