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Product Catalogue 


Automotive Steel Oil Drain Plugs

  • Automotive Steel Oil Drain Plugs
  • Automotive Steel Oil Drain Plugs
  • Automotive Steel Oil Drain Plugs
  • Automotive Steel Oil Drain Plugs
  • Automotive Steel Oil Drain Plugs
Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰Grand
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 1.2 / pc
Minimum Order︰2000 pc
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Product Description

Magnetic oil drain plugs have always been one of the best ways to trap and remove microscopic metal particles from an engines lubricating oil almost since the combustion engine was conceived.  

Using magnetic oil drain plugs for a long time. All our cars have them. Small price to pay to keep the engine oil clean. This Strong Magnetic Drain Plug will attract small metal particles and remove them from the oil.

Simply remove the existing plug replace it with our Magnetic Drain Plug It keeps the engine clean even under hard driving conditions. It will help to keep the oil clean and prolong the life of the engine.

You will be surprised to find out the grit and grime that magnet will Collect the first oil change you make after installing it.

 Material:  Steel and Aluminum

Magnet Material:  NdFeb magnets and Ferrite magnets

Finish:      Steel Zinc plated, Aluminum Natural and Aluminum Oxidized Color. 

Size and Thread: Metric thread,NPT Thread and BSP thread. OEM is welcome.

Usage for: Auto engineer,gearbox,pump,oil tank and speed reducer.

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